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Finding Peace When Manifesting

One of the most important things in life is peace. If you ever felt overwhelmed, obsessed or anxious about something, you know exactly what I am talking about. Most people, when manifesting important things in life, think about everything else but not on themselves. It’s all about the techniques, or the 3D and what is happening, what is someone saying or doing and they get lost in what isn’t important. They create by default and not by design.

Focusing on the 3D reality is robbing you of your peace. It feels often out of control – and in a certain way, it is out of our control. The 3D is a reflection of the Self and there is nothing we can physically do in the 3D to change it if we haven’t changed the Self. An apple tree will always grow apples, it can’t grow peaches – the same way that a certain state of consciousness always projects a certain experience. In other words, the 3D can’t change without a change of feeling in the Self.

To find peace you must focus on what you can control: the Self and its inner experience. You may not be able to make someone fall head over heels for you within the next second or win millions of dollars in the next minute BUT you can focus on making the Self feel chosen, loved, abundant, healthy. And that change in the Self will push out that same experience in the outer reality.




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