Self-Love & Self-Concept Worksheet


self concept worksheet

The journey to self-love can be hard and overwhelming. It is a never-ending journey but all of us will have to start it someday. This worksheet is created to be a guide for you to develop your self-concept and your relationship with yourself by taking a few steps to improve it.


  • Instructions
  • Self-love is not a tool
  • Your True Self
  • Let’s get started
  • Day 1: You are love
  • Day 2: Self-Acceptance
  • Day 3: Self-Acceptance – Body
  • Day 4: Self-Concept
  • Day 5: Self-Concept
  • Day 6: Self-Concept and dealing with the 3D
  • Day 7: Self-Concept and dealing with fear and anxiety
  • Day 8: Releasing old memories and painful emotions
  • Day 9: Everyone is you pushed out
  • Day 10: Everyone is you pushed out
  • Day 11: Everyone is you pushed out – Specific Person /New Person
  • Day 12: What are your goals for more self-love
  • Day 13: Journaling
  • Day 14: Gratitude and self-care
  • Bonus: Daily Planner (schedule)


Number of pages: 36

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