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What Is Manifestation?

My typical answer to this question is: Manifestation is life. Actually, it is the creation of our lives through our focus (thoughts, feelings, assumptions, beliefs, etc).

You may not know that but you have been manifesting your life since you became aware of yourself and your surroundings – since you started creating judgements on what you were experiencing and the people around you. And it’s so because you’ve been putting your focus and intentions into somethings or a certain outcomes ever since. However, before understanding manifestation, most of us create random outcomes – the good, the bad and everything in between.

We grow up thinking that reality is the 3D, and isn’t malleable cause we have no control over it. But take a chance in this: Your inner world leads, the outer world follows. Cultivate an inner world that is always rooting for you, always believing in you, always trusting in your ability to overcome your limitations, your old assumptions and beliefs. Use your time to be excited about the moment right now – your life is happening int this moment, the law of assumption works in the moment right now. Focus on the things you want to experience.

I want to be very clear here, manifestation isn’t about being happy all the time. However, it’s about recognising that there is more to life than what isn’t working right now – and resting assured that whatever isn’t working is going to some day. We always have things to be grateful for. Staying grounded in the feeling that you’ll always be ok, that you got everything you need within you, that everything is working out for you is going to create the shift that you need to change your undesired experiences. You got this!

Love, Elle



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