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My 5 Favourite Techniques To Manifest Any Desire

Before I start sharing with you my favourite techniques, I want to make two things very clear:

  1. Techniques are important tools in manifesting our desires. They are not the solution to our problems nor any kind of magic trick. Techniques are just a way to focus our awareness on whatever we desire to accomplish. The solution to your problem is within you, it’s your wonderful imagination!
  2. That said, keep in mind that your self-concept is the soil in which you’re planting the seed of your manifestation. So instead of focusing on techniques, work on yourself and make sure that your soil is a fruitful one.

Now to my favourite techniques:

Inner Conversations: This is my favourite technique by far. You don’t need to be very creative or see images to use this one. All you need is to be quiet and listen until you hear a conversation that implies the fulfilment of your desire. And the good thing is: When you notice that your automatic inner conversations are aligned with your desired reality, then you can be sure that it’s done. The outer reality is, in fact, the expression of the stories we repeat within.

Visualisations: Another good one and you don’t even need to imagine things clearly. If I am honest, in the past, I often worried about that question. “Do I have to see clearly to manifest it?”. In time I realised one thing, without my glasses I don’t see clearly either but I am still experiencing the moment. The secret is the feeling, as Neville Goddard said. Feelings can be emotions but also your senses. It’s important to experience the scene.

Scripting: I love scripting. It’s such a fun exercise and you can let your imagination run wild. It’s not about what is possible or not. It’s about what you want to experience because you are writing it as if you were already living in that reality. You already are experiencing that end and writing about it.

Affirmations: They can be a powerful tool when done correctly. If you want to make them work fast, you must focus on feeling as the version of you who already is what you are affirming. It’s like you’re telling someone about your life and who you are. Active imagination always saturates the subconscious mind faster. Robotic affirming also works, although it takes a lot of time for your subconscious mind to get the memo.

Mind Tapes: They are a good tools to add to your manifestation routine. You record your affirmations and listen to them throughout the day or whole sleeping. You can use them actively or passively. My advice is to focus on the feeling while listening to your tape.

Don’t forget to calm down your mind before you start doing your techniques. It’s a necessary step to disconnect with your current reality. A good way to achieve that is square breathing and meditation. Check out my “I AM” meditation to activate the power of your I AMness:





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